JCI Kadıkoy & JCI Kocaeli Joint Global Compact Team / What is Global Compact and the Best Practices


Gunes Kocamanoglu


marzo 30, 2011



Personas impactadas



The purposes of this activity within the context of Global Compact Project are: •Improving the knowledge of Team Members about the Global Compact •Providing information to other JCI branch offices about the subject and project •Increasing the number of people who will work as a member of this project

Visión general

The Team Member, Eda Kivanc made a presentation about Global Compact for the participants who do not have any fundamental knowledge about the subject. i.e the history of Global Compact, its content and its implementation in our country were presented. Then, as an example of best practice in our country, a representative from KOC Holding, Corporate Social Responsibility Specialist, Ms. Burcu Gunduz, made a presentation. Having provided fundamental knowledge about corporate social responsibility, she gave information about global compact implementation at Koç Holding. She also gave general information about the process; from signature to reporting steps. As the another example of best practice in our country, from Aksa Akrilik, a representative who is Environment and Corporate Social Responsibility Deputy Manager, Birgul Aras made a presentation. She explained implementation examples at Aksa Akrilikfor the 10 principles of Global Compact. In addition, she gave information about the activities of Türkiye Global Compact Management Committee to made Global Compact widespread.

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