Mother's Day Visit to the Archer's Home


Natisha Abel


abril 4, 2011


Archer's Home

Personas impactadas



JCI GUYANA MOTHER’S DAY FOOD HAMPER DONATION – MAY, 2010 JCI Guyana brought cheer to the inmates of the Archer's Home when it donated food hampers to the institution for the elderly.

Visión general

This was one of JCI Guyana's successful project in May 2010 where members made a special Mother's Day presentation of Food Hampers baskets to the Archer's Home spreading joy to the inmates for a period of 1 hour. This gesture was one of the many outreach initiatives our organisation has imparted and conducted regularly. On the visit to the home, the members interacted with inmates there and were amazed at the level of harmony and unity among them. They were particularly bowled over the cheerful and jovial banter at the institution. This caused some of them to sit for "one and one conversations' with occupants of the home. After which, the inmates expressed their appreciation by singing songs and showing the words of thank you to JCI Guyana chapter.  


I recommend that is community project be published globally by JCI so that persons viewing will be eager to give back to their communities and be motivated to be a part of this noble organisation and join us in our quest to impact the lives of OTHERS.


Members present were touched that JCI Guyana visited the Archer's Home and made an impact in the lives of the elderly. GO JOB JCI GUYANA!

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