Natisha Abel


abril 5, 2011



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DEFENSIVE DRIVING PROGRAMME – 20th MARCH, 2010 The Junior Chamber International Guyana (JCI Guyana) in collaboration with the Institute of Distance and Continuing Education (IDCE), University of Guyana along with the Guyana Defensive Force, facilitated a Defensive Driving Training Programme for Republic Bank Satff at the Republic Bank Education Centre on Saturday, 20th March, 2010 for twenty-two (22) employees under the theme “Driving Safety-Be Conscious, BE Cautious”. The training officer Ms. Shalini Persaud – Training Officer from Republic Bank assisted with coordianting this activitiy. (A) The general Objective were:- • To expose JCI Guyana members to project planning and execution; • To further market the image of JCI Guyana; • To observe Road Safety Month (B) Specific a. To educate and senitizers drivers on Traffic Laws and Regulations b. To educate drivers of the importance of Defensive Driving Skills and having the right attitude. c. To educate drivers of the impact of communicating and distraction while driving d. To reduce accidents on the road in Guyana. General Topics • Defensive Driver- professionalism, attitude and standard • Deportment for the work environment • General causes of accidents and Accident Prevention • Defensive Driving skills, Laws and Regulations • Alcohol and Traffic Safety • Motor Vehicle Insurance

Visión general

This programme was elevulated by the employees who attended and rated 85% overall by employees who attended. Employees noted that the programme was very successful and informative. 75% indicated that having completed the course they were better equipped with the knoweldge and information on the laws and regulations of the roads, signs, the use of the correct pedestrian interaction, emergency equipments, communicating and distractions, drivers obligation list, use of seat belts, driver’s attitute/function and vehicle maintenance.


JCI Guyana is pleased that we took the initative to collaborate with the Guyana Defense Force in executing such an important seminar as a means of sensitizing the General Public of the correct rules and regulations when using the ROADS and also important tips of DO DONT's of the law. GOOD JOB JCI GUYANA!

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