AUB's Got Talent


Olga Safa Majzoub


abril 5, 2011


JCI AUB and the community (AUB students)

Personas impactadas



- Raising funds for JCI AUB's future projects - Gaining exposure throughout AUB and the media - Involving as many AUB students as possible in JCI events - Involving many JCI AUB members in the organization process in order for them to learn the necessary skills in planning and implementing projects - Indirectly promoting individual development and confidence through encouraging students to perform in front of a public audience and credible judges

Visión general

JCI AUB is still a new chapter in Lebanon and this event was our first project to raise funds for our club. The idea behind the event was to allow students of the American University of Beirut to show their talents on stage in front of a huge audience and receive feedback from three famous Lebanese celebrities. These judges were Mario Bassil, Maysam Nahas and Khanito who are a comedian, singer and Latin dancing director respectively. The project was accomplished by the efforts of the JCI AUB members. The members were eager to make their first event a memorable one! It is good to note that this was our first big project given that 2011 is the first year for JCI AUB. Tickets were sold out completely and the money raised from tickets was added to the account of this chapter to help fund future projects. The project was extremely successful, and not only helped raise funds, but was also a major attraction that helped in publicizing JCI in Lebanon.


Delegating tasks is a must to make sure that all required duties are completed within a suitable time limit. Set deadlines well ahead of the actual show so any last minute errands or changes are not a burden. Members of the committee should update each other using one communication means (email, Facebook group, blackberry messenger group) to avoid any mix up or no sees. Allocate the same time slot for all contestants performing so event can end within at a specific designated time. Start on time no matter what to respect the time of the viewers as well as famous judges, if present. Always print out more tickets than what the place actually fits in case a some of the tickets are lost or there are any last-minute no shows whose places can be filled. 1- Build some long lasting relationships with sponsors and organizations or people who can help us with upcoming projects ( such as caterers and printing shops) 2- Make sure to follow project guide lines to make planning easier for project directors as well as team members 3- Stress on the rules that all members of the team should help in planning and do the tasks assigned to them on time

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