JCI Kadıköy "Brand Project"


Nihan Altındoğan


abril 12, 2011


JCI Members and Potential Members

Personas impactadas



We are going to organize series of events under the name of “Brand” in 2011. After the theorical trainings about brand we are going to get speakers whose companies brands has become a well-known brand. These events dates will be announced. JCI Kadıkoy has many different kinds of members and we think our members will like the topic. Our members might have different kinds of views and opinions about the topic “Brand”

Visión general

3 March 2011 During the time 20:00-23:00 Brand Strategist Erol Batislam gave the training about “Main Rules in Brand Management” it was held in The Bostancı Hotel and 30 members contributed. We learned a lot about the brand in this training. As we all live with brands we realised that we know some of them but also we learned some new formations and tactics. The most important thing we learned is that the slogan of the brand has to be clear and must encourage people. During the training Brand Age February was delivered to members for free. At the end of the training Mr. Batislam signed his book and the guests left the training happily with knowing lots of things about the brand.

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