Turquoise Park (JCI Karsiyaka)


Nuran Kiziltug

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JCI Karsiyaka

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Nuran Kiziltug


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Disabled Children

Personas impactadas



To create Turquoise parks where disabled children can play with normal children and have good time. To increase the number of turquoise parks with municipalities and nongovernmental organizations. To increase the number and kind of park toys through sponsorships.

Visión general

Turquoise Parks to exterminate feeling left out society for disabled children, raising awareness in public, to provide awareness these parks are necessity not luxury, to create spaces where disabled children can spend time safely and to introduce disabled children to safe toys.


Communication with municipalities is advantageous for park space. It is necessary to choose safe and right toys, to montage correctly, to work with expert companies and to prepare sponsorship file for material aspect of this project.


The most important success of this project is providing disabled children to have good time with normal children in cooperation with a municipality. An area that hasn’t got any parks for disabled children was chosen and this is an example for other municipalities and nongovernmental organizations.

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