Blood is Life itself, let's make it available.


Mostafizur Sohel


abril 25, 2011


People of Bangladesh on the whole. Specially those who are in crying need of blood as well as underprivileged section will have extra benefits.

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To create awareness about blood donation in the society through email and SMS service and enrich existing capacity of Sandhani (Blood Bank-our partner) by developing a central database for blood donors and potential donors so that anyone can have easy access of blood related information at his/her fingertips when it is required.

Visión general

Bangladesh is a country of over 160 million people. Most of the people are living below poverty line and it is one of the engrossing challenges of the Government to ensure proper medication to everyone. But the scenario is changing day by day. Government and non-government institutions are continuously working on the development of the country's Health Sector. One of the major challenges in this sector is, smooth supply chain management for blood. Patients & other concerns remain in great agony & awe about the supply of blood when they need it most. Patient's death due to lack of sufficient blood during critical situation is a common phenomena in the country. Government alone cannot solve this problem alone. According to recent Dhaka Medical College Blood Transmission Unit survey, Bangladesh requires approximately 400,000 (Four Hundred Thousand) unit of bags blood every year. We, JCIB are aware of this burning need of the society and have come forward to do our bit in this community development issue. JCI Bangladesh Dhaka South Chapter has been organizing blood donation camps for the last 4 years. From a detail study, we have sorted out a 'must-do' list. As the country is blessed with a huge population, collection of blood might not be a problem if people can be motivated properly to volunteer in donating blood. Another crucial aspect is, extensive usage of Information Technology to have effective information flow. A database of donors and probables can come handy to locate and contact with the right person at the right time.


Though the project has a standard time frame of 1 year, for the benefit of the society and ultimately for entire Country, the Project should be continued for long time period. If possible it should be implemented in other JCI enrolled countries.


The good experiences we are achieving will eventually lead us to a position when we can share our practical knowledge and expertise with other JCI NOMS who are also facing similar type of challenges as we do.

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