COFFEE BREAK: Sustainable Food and Food Business


Maria Rosario Silverio


noviembre 14, 2011


Small scale entrepreneurs, organic farmers, general population

Personas impactadas



The main objective of the project is to promote sustainable lifestyles and healthy living. - Promotes sustainable food and food businesses - Benefits of organic farming/gardening - Foresight on the future of organic foods in the Philippines - To make people aware of sustainable living and to augment the widening gap between food acquisition for poor people - To be able to prepare delicious organic food just as easy as that of using regular ingredients

Visión general

The project have been divided into 4 parts as follows 1. RX Organic Foods: The Benefits of Organic Living 2. The Future of Organic Foods in the Philippines: Challenges and Opportunities 3. Food Connection 4. Is it Delicious? Cooking with Organic foods.


Should be done not just on a single project but an advocacy to promote sustainable living.


More people became aware of the topic of the project. Minimal revenue from the project since we were able to raise a small amount from it.

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