Congress of young European entrepreneurs.NET


Helen Mikhaylova


mayo 3, 2011


members of JCI SPb, young entrepreneurs

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Mission of the project is to assist in support of entrepreneurship development among the Russian and foreign youths. The main purpose of the Congress was to create the platform for open dialogue between Russian and foreign young entrepreneurs and educational training ground for start-uppers. As well as: - to promote business skills among the youth - to strengthen the image of JCI Saint-Petersburg as the leading global network of young leaders and entrepreneurs that play a significant role in economical and social life of Saint-Petersburg - to provide great opportunities to train organizing, networking and training skills for JCI members

Visión general

The Congress of young European entrepreneurs.NET was hold at 24-26 of September in “Senator” business centre in Saint-Petersburg, the city known as famous platform of the numerous business and innovation events. The Congress.NET included a set of activities: Plenary Sessions, Round tables, Speed dating and Open space (networking sessions), Trainings. The main distinction of the event was separation the target audience of the Conress.NET into two different parts: young entrepreneurs, who would like develop their business: to expand the geographical boundaries or the range of their products/services, to strengthen their business contacts with other market players (suppliers, dealers, customers). And the second group were young people who has their own business ideas, have started their career as a solid traders and were interested in different soft skills development for the further success of their business. Thus, there were two parallel sections in Congress.NET agenda. The first one called “Let my business grow” was devoted to the current issues of the existing and development of entrepreneurship, focused on searching for the partnerships and exploring the peculiarities of doing business in Russia and Europe. The second section called “Start-up Section” which was focused on formation and development of the entrepreneurial skills among the young businessmen. Several trainings were focused on the development of different soft skills, such as business ideas generation, business plan development, presentation and communication skills and others


In order to increase the quality of this event in 2011 and bring it to the higher level, the project team conducted SWOT- analysis report. The first point of improvement, according to the analysis, is the more intensive involvement of sponsors and reducing the participant’s expenses (accommodation and food). Also it is necessary to involve more JCI chapters in event organization in order to provide a development of event-management skills of members. It is also an excellent platform for networking for JCI members. The program needs some improvements as well: it will be very efficient to add more practical activities “Let my business grow” section because young generation of entrepreneurs have life motion «Less discussions, more actions”. The right decision in this situation is to expand a number of workshops, where delegates will be able to create some projects and business solutions


The Congress of young European entrepreneurs.NET, in addition to the benefits of promotion of free enterprise, has generated benefits that impact on our city. 1. The creation of the platform for open dialogue between Russian and foreign young entrepreneurs lead to integration of existing Russian entrepreneurs into the European business community through joint projects. 2. Network sessions were the great incentive to develop communication skills and to expand business contacts list for start-uppers. 3. The entrepreneurial competence was increased among the Russian youth, and the quantity of the start-ups was enlarged. 4. Due to the Congress.NET not only the city authorities have known that JCI SPb is one of the leading public youth organizations that develop the young entrepreneurship in Saint Petersburg. Two most outstanding project team’s members were given an acknowledgment for holding such important event from the Chairmen of the Federal Agency on Youth Affairs. 5. The press coverage of the Congress. Net’s activities resulted in a large number of responses from non-government organizations and educational centers and schools to speak at different round tables, to take part on conference, to present our projects for entrepreneurship. The project achievements were described in the results (basic information) in details.

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