Outliers-Extraordinary Carrer Conversations


Pelin Narcin Kadilar


mayo 11, 2011


JCI istanbul Board, all project directors, members and potantial members

Personas impactadas



- Inviting extaordinary people with extra ordinary success stories -PR -Working together with other NGO's like Rotary Clubs

Visión general

The organizing committee have developed valuable skills. Firstly, we got goal setting and time management talent from our works. The organizing committee learn how to manage a project by dividing our each step staffs on each others. W e got meeting skills as well as better communication skills especially risk management. We define the “extraordinary individual” as someone who has chosen to train himself / herself both financially and socially, also in terms of personal skills; and succeeded. As organization committee, we believe in positive change in the society by helping our members and candidate-members to discover their extraordinary characteristics and pushing them to take action individually.


Invited 5 extraordinary persons and enjoyed their stories. More info www.jciistanbul.org

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