Executive Carreer Seminars


Pelin Narcin Kadilar


mayo 11, 2011


JCI istanbul Board, all project directors, members and potantial members, Business world, community, young leaders

Personas impactadas



Objective of this project which is performed for the first time in JCI Turkey is to offer JCI members learn about the hit point of career improving their business and personal performance with the vision of JCI’s “Be Better through Active Citizenship”. Hence, during a period of looking for a new job or continuing working at same title, Executive career underlined the importance of being an active player in the field and leadership based platform of JCI to members and candidate members. The main purpose is to enlighten the individual about how to involve to the chain of community, to help the employee who is not comfortable with the current job comparing the benefits of different occasions and situations he/she is confronted with and what competencies he/she should have during the career life.

Visión general

Executive career method has been developed and adopted in order to develop result-oriented career relations. Till now, some organizations were made to meet the participant with the authorities of the headhunter companies. The resumes of the participants were shared with authorities. Under scheduled activities, while these head hunters are continued to be hosted, human resources portals will be presented to the target group. Also strategies and the criteria will be shared by the HR managers of the outstanding companies in Turkey with members and candidate members. People looking for jobs will be informed about how to act in global business life by the ideas and thoughts about HR management in Turkey of the board of management of PERYÖN which is a HR association.


The next year - in the 2nd year - the project may include a big Executive Career Days Event, as well.

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