Global Entrepreneurs Week-Entrepreneurship Days


Pelin Narcin Kadilar


mayo 11, 2011


JCI NOM, LOMs, members and non-members, young entrepreneurs or enterpreneur candidates

Personas impactadas



First objective is for individual training. To organize a series entrepreneurship conference-workshops, as the JCI contribution to Global Entrepreneurship Week activities in Turkey,organised by Endeavor . Objective of the conference is to train young entrepreneurs for building successful businesses. The workshop part of the event is to teach them to be able to write business plans as a roadmap for their business. Second objective is to establish collaboration between JCI and leading Turkish and global NGO\'s Third objective is to provide networking environment among the participants and also enabling participants to contact successful entrepreneurs, who are invited to have speeches.

Visión general

After preparing the programme and adversitements, a newsletter is distributed nationally and posters were placed to universities and local chamber of commerce buildings, while the advertisement e-mail were distributed via e mail groups. As the number of participants were limited by the organising committee, a selected group of 30 young entrepreneurs attended the conference-workshop. These participants listened to more that 10 leading trainers and successful entrepreneurs,.The collaboration with İstanbul Chamber of Commerce (İTO) , Endeavour and İstanbul Chamber of Commerce University in the organisation and PR activities made this event a huge success in the national media

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