JCI Kadıköy - Interview with Kadıköy Mayor Selami Öztürk


Nihan Altındoğan


mayo 29, 2011


JCI Members, Kadikoy Municipality

Personas impactadas



To improve the relationship we started with Kadikoy Municipality, introduce JCI, discuss joint projects that could be done together and convey our demands.

Visión general

During the interview documents on JCI were presented and verbally told. Mayor of Kadıköy expressed that he could orientate European Union Projects on Young People. He added that we could get any kind of help from the municipality and introduced us to the town clerk. At the end of the interview Mayor of Kadıköy, Selami Öztürk declared that JCI is a very important organization that contributes greately to the development of young people and that the municipality would be supporting our branch.

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