Awdat al Daad


Olga Safa Majzoub


junio 7, 2011


the Community, JCI AUB

Personas impactadas



The objective from this campaign was to create awareness about the misuse and overturn of the spoken Arabic among young people who are losing one of their essential skills, language skills. This campaign gave the members of AUB community the opportunity to enhance their spoken Arabic through fun activities, competitions, and and performances.

Visión general

JCI AUB held an awareness campaign under the name "عودة ال ض" ("awdat al daad" or the return of the letter "daad"). This campaign was concerned with the downfall of the spoken Arabic language, and it mainly addressed the youth of our community. This event took place on Tuesday April 19 from 12.50pm till 3.30pm on the American University of Beirut campus; the schedule included brief speeches, performances done by the students in Arabic such as playing on the Aoud, singing, reciting a poem... It was an honor to have the university president, Dr. Peter Dorman, joining and saying a few words to welcome the people on the day.


There was major media coverage of this event: two television interviews (TL, LBC), two newspaper articles (Nahar, Akhbar), and live on field coverage by al-Hurra television station.

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