Walk For Autism 2011


Mochammad Rifani Sahrudsyah


junio 17, 2011


the community of autism in the city

Personas impactadas



To make JCI Kaltim as accelerator on the issue of Autism in Samarinda City and East Kaltim Provence in Indonesia.

Visión general

Goverment Official from Samarinda Major to Governor of East Kalimantan Provence appreciate and have appoited to JCI Kaltim to continue the effort to increase awarenes on autism and other related the community JCI kaltim as a new chapter in east kalimantan has set a good example a youth organization among the already existing youth organization.


During the event we're surrprised that UN/UNESCO/WHO has not taken autism issue at their level thereforeit was imposible for us to UN/UNESCO/WHO/UNICEF respresentative in Indonesia to speach about autism on our event. We're recomended JCI to Endorsed that program/event/issue as JCI Awareness, because the increase of autism is exponential number in around the world.


JCI Kaltim has accomplish a mission to make awareness about autism.

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