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enero 30, 2012


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JCI2JCI is a search engine where JCI members worldwide can register and publish their business profile. That means that, using this search engine, you can easily suit all your business needs by making use of the existing business contacts within the JCI network. In order to get this project up and running, we are looking for country and region managers all over the world. Their task is to help JCI members with the registration, and also provide the necessary networking on a local and regional basis. In the near future, we will add a new feature called JCI Home Hospitality. This will enable members of the platform to search for home hospitality options in the area they are looking to do business in. Furthermore, we intend to use the platform as a powerful tool to inform interested visitors about the JCI network. LOMs and NOMs are able to present the platform as an actual traceable benefit of the JCI network.


We recommend the platform JCI2JCI as a international networking site for all JCI members worldwide. Help us to find as many new JCI members as possible!


Global networking for JCI Members.

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