Earth Hour


Sara Maalal


marzo 25, 2017


High School of Textile and Clothing Industries' Students

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The project involves cutting off lights and unplugging non-essential electrical appliances for an hour to promote electricity savings.

Visión general

As part of its community activities, JCI Casablanca joined the international community World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and organized the EARTH HOUR or Hour for the Planet on Saturday, March 25, 2017 at the High School of Textile and Clothing Industries, The EarthHour - 60 minutes for the planet is a global event that turns off lights and unplugs all non-essential electrical appliances for 60 minutes to raise public awareness of the dangers that threaten the Earth (global warming, greenhouse gas emissions, etc.) as well as on energy savings. The evening began with a conference on "Energy Economics and its Impact on Climate Change" with Mr. Erich W. Woerle. Then JCI Casablanca members as well as guests to this planetary event extinguished the lights and took advantage of the show realized by several singers and artists present.


120 persons attended the event
10 artists have shared their arts and passions with the students of ESITH


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