Business Networking Event (1539)


Angel Kgokolo


septiembre 27, 2011


Young Enterprenuers

Personas impactadas



The objective of the project is to create platform for local aspiring, established entrepreneurs and professionals to ensure that they are aware of the infinite business networking opportunities available through JCI.JCI Tshwane has created this unique business event to help build and strengthen local businesses, by simply exploring the possibilities of local businesses doing business together.

Visión general

The event was a success, over 100 participants attended the event.It was great to see such a large number of entrepreneurs and professionals together in one room networking.South African Breweries presented about business opportunities for SMME and Khula Enterprise Finance presented about how entrepreneurs can access funding from Khula Enterprise Finance.


To convert all the participants to become JCI members.


Most of the participants interested to join JCI.

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