Re a kolomaka (Street Cleaning Campaign)


Nyasha Victoria Mazhindu


julio 5, 2011


JCI members and the community at large

Personas impactadas



Taking young people in and around Mogale City to task, in efforts to clean up our municipal, one community at a time

Visión general

1. This project appeals to the United Nations Millenium Development Goal # 7 : ENSURE ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY 2. Exposure - people will want to know what JCI is all about, after seeing young people wearing JCI t-shirts cleaning up the streets All in all, the project is to benefit the community (with clean streets) as much JCI with having the word out there and people learning about our organisation.


Projects like these need to be ongoing - The community at large needs to be involved, not necessarily young people only


The first phase of the project was successful, with JCI Mogale City members showing up in their numbers, support from the rest of JCI SA members also made it more possible. We managed to clean up the streets of Krugersdorp, the CBD area and got support as well from the Mogale CIty municipality

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