STEP (Students toward Experience in Profession)


Dima El Zufari


julio 9, 2011


Private and Public universities students

Personas impactadas



. To let students and new graduates to experiment the real professional life . To build new qualified employees . To increase enterprises awareness to integrate and trust juniors . Professional exchanges between students and enterprises . To get used to the professional life . To improve students skills . To build direct contacts network through people from the same professional level . To gain practical experience before graduating

Visión general

. create a website to let the applicants submit their applications . 1st filtration: to eliminate the applicants who don't fulfill the project conditions . 2nd filtration: applicants meeting with an HR specialist . 3 days workshop in PR, Communication, Business Ethics and etiquettes, how to write a CV and team work . 3rd filtration : trainers applicants' evaluation during the workshop . 2 months internship . after the internship, the interns did a second interview with the HR specialist to know their evolution degree and to nominate the three finalist

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