2017 JCI Mauritius Debate Championship


Tasweena Girdhari


mayo 18, 2017


Members, Senators, Aspiring Members, Public, Jury Panels, Participants and Sponsors

Personas impactadas



• To build a foundation of teamwork, critical-thinking and problem solving that members use to address issues in their local communities. • To advocate the message of social responsibility, resolve conflicts, respect differences and overcome obstacles

Visión general

This year, JCI City Plus has been entrusted the responsibility of hosting the 2017 JCI Mauritius Debate Championship under the theme “Compassionate Leaders”. The Preliminaries and Semi Finals have been held on Saturday, 25 March 2017 at The Hive, St Pierre. The first part of this Debate Championship involved teams from 4 Local Organisations. Eventually, we got 2 teams; JCI City Plus and JCI Curepipe who went to the Final. The Final was held at the Municipal Council Room of the Municipality of Port Louis on Saturday, 1 April 2017. The winner was the team from JCI City Plus.


This year, we had a high level of Debating as well as a great interest among the members to participate in a training in Debate and in the Championship itself. It would have been very interesting that next time, we open the Championship to the Public especially school children who are the adults of tomorrow.


Organising a Championship seems to be an easy task at first but it is only when you start planning that you realize that it is not that easy. For the organizing team, it has been a very resourceful and enriching experience. They have certainly learnt a lot and grown from this. After many years, we’ve seen how valiantly the teams have fought and how enthusiastic the public has been during the Championship. They were certainly passionate! The 2017 JCI Mauritius Debate Championship was remarkable and taking it as a benchmark, we hope to see future Championships of such quality.

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