JCI BPE_Project Planning Workshop


Joyien Chiew


mayo 11, 2017


JCI Members from JCI Batu Pahat Entrepreneur, Entrepreneur Participants and the workers of the entrepreneur

Personas impactadas



To provide a learning opportunity to the members and the entrepreneur regards the important of having a plan and how to write an efficient plan.

Visión general

The new members from JCI BPE are mostly likely do not have the experience on how to plan a project and result them scare to organise the event. More than that, we further notice that in the young entrepreneur in Batu Pahat having the same issue that they did not know how to plan their business in a better way which cause them facing challenge in their business.


The responds from the participants are goods and they suggest to host the Part II which more details regards how to do a plan.


Here to accomplish the team lead by OC Grace Tee which they organise well the protocol and make the workshop very successful.

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