JCI Muar Parliamentarian cum Corporate Visit


Viviane Tong


mayo 11, 2017


Members, Non-members, Young Entrepreneurs

Personas impactadas



Corporate visit to Malaysia Houses of Parliament and the biggest office machinery distribution in Malaysia, Galaxy Automation Sdn Bhd. With the UNSD Goal 4: Quality Education & UNSD Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth - The main objectives are to encourage members and youngster to understand how Parlimen Malaysia functions and what youth can contribute to country. Besides, corporate visit to Galaxy Automation Sdn Bhd also enable members learning from successful entrepreneur.

Visión general

1) As the new generation has little or none concern about country development and political issues, visiting the parlimen meeting, enable participants gaining the knowledge of what is the purpose of Malaysia Houses of Parliament and its functions as well as understanding its history. Besides, a sharing session together with Dato Razali, who is the Timbalan Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri and lunch session with 2014 TOYM Top 10 Micheal Teoh for its entrepreneurship sharing was arranged to enable participants learning more from these outstanding individual and gain an idea how new generation can contribute to country and individual development. 2) Galaxy Automation Sdn Bhd was a traditional office solutions company, which were then led by Managing Director Tony Tee with his patience of innovation, creativity, perseverance and determination, transformed their company from traditional to emerging business. They are now the technology leader in office machinery in the market. They have more than 20 offices in Southeast Asia and have emerged to more than 10 industries, including green-tech solution and office cloud system. The corporate visit aims to enhance young entrepreneurs or to-be-entrepreneurs knowledge on different industry and to learn from successful entrepreneur their journey of success. Topic of sharing includes: Production Line Visit, Traditional Business to Innovative Business, Management, Competitiveness and Future Expansion as well as Challenges Overcome.




Creating impact with governmental bodies, corporate bodies and increase members’ knowledge, creating fun memories and bonding between local organizations.

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