JCI Muar 501 Muar Treasure Hunt


Viviane Tong


mayo 11, 2017


Members, Co-organizers, local communities, participants

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Muar Treasure Hunt is organized by JCI Muar, co-organized by S2H Bike Shop and supported by Majlis Perbandaran Muar. With the UNSD Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth & UNSD Goal3: Good Health and Well Being, the purpose of the activity is to promote Muar tourism, historical buildings and cultural food. Besides, this project aims to promote local business and promote health awareness and family bonding.

Visión general

Following by the kick start Muar Tourism project on 26th January 2017, where JCI Muar had successfully broke the Malaysia Book of Record in the attempt of the Longest Otak-Otak. Majlis Perbandaran is seeking JCI Muar for another Muar Tourism project in a brand new interesting way which involved participants locally and nationwide. In conjunction with promoting Muar Tourism and promoting health awareness and family bonding, JCI Muar has come out with the idea Muar Treasure Hunt (MTH), where participants get to explore Muar Town with cycling, and that cycling journey including exploring history of Muar, historical buildings, local unique food, local famous business and so on. Beside MTH program, we also organize exhibition booth in alliance with governmental departments such as AADK, SWM, Bomba, and Pejabat Kesihatan Daerah to educate public on various topic, including “Pengasingan Sampah”, “Anti Dadah”, “Anti Jenayah” and etc. Furthermore, drawing contest and mini treasure hunt were organized for kids to join too. During the MTH program, participants were given e-map with more than 20 checkpoints so they can plan their cycling routes in advanced. Participants will need to complete challenges on those checkpoints and check in facebook accordingly with their group photo. We aim to jointly achieve below goals: 1) Promote Muar Tourism in the effort of all Muarian, governmental and non-governmental organizations. 2) Young active citizens stand out for action; 3) Make positive impact to Muar economy and promote health awareness and family bonding;


To make this as Muar Flagship Project and hosted by JCI Muar.


Creating impact with local governmental bodies, local communities and nurturing future relationship with sponsors. Besides, successfully developed members’ capability and individual skills as well as form stronger bonding and teamwork within LO, creating fun memories.

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