JCI Indonesia Walk for Autism : bangli youth project


Surya Untung


mayo 27, 2017


People in Bangli Regency specifically and all indonesian people in general

Personas impactadas



1. to create an awareness of Autism paradigm in the society 2. cooperating with government to make an action for child-friendly city development and its infrastructures. 3. educating the society of what autism really is

Visión general

1. the event took place from 2 - 7 May 2017 in Lapangan Mudita , Bangli Regency 2. the event itself was held as part of Bangli City 's 813th Anniversary. 3. JCI Bangli did not only hold walk for autism event, but also went to child center to educate what autism is to the staffs and governments. in the process of doing so, JCI Bangli held drawing competition for the autistic children.


1. forming a focus group to plan and execute the child-friendly blueprint 2. building a network with all partners (in Indonesia and global) to better provide the material to educate autistic children, the parents, staffs, and community


1. receiving local and national press coverage 2. the appointment for partaking in formulating child-friendly blue print for Bangli City

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