ASTITVA-Make your own identity: A women Empowerment Project


Shainaz Shariff


mayo 29, 2017


Unskilled women, who want to become self-dependent and contribute in the working of their household

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The main goal of "ASTITVA-Make your own identity" is to create opportunities, space and scope for the development of the talents of the women and to develop more of those sectors which have already been put under skill development for the last so many years and also to identify new sectors for skill development. thirdly to provide training and skill development to the unskilled women mostly dwelling in slum areas , and villages. The emphasis is to skill the women in such a way so that they get employment and also improve entrepreneurship. JCI Vasco aims through this project of Providing training, support and guidance for all occupations that were of traditional type like tailoring, embroidery work, stitching and knitting, flower-making, paper bags and cloth bags making, jewellery making , etc. Another remarkable feature of the ‘ "ASTITVA PROJECT" would be to create a hallmark called ‘Rural India Skill’, so as to standardize and certify the training process.

Visión general

Vasco is a small town in Goa, with 70% population belonging to the migrants. There are around 45% of the women who are illiterate and want to contribute towards their household. JCI VASCO took up this initiative to provide SKILL DEVELOPMENT TRAINING to these women and help the development of the society. The women skill development program -“women can lead the way” is a women empowerment capacity-building initiative aimed at identifying talent in the arts and crafts and textiles and clothing sectors. It is a formal training program to develop women expertise in the production of marketable goods and the creation of formal enterprises in the creative industry. ASTITVA Aims at recruiting women involved in the creative, clothing and textile industries, with skills in embroidery, sewing, weaving and beading; Through this project we will Provide specialist skills training and assist women to establish their own enterprises or co-operatives; •In partnership with the a philanthropist Mrs Roxanne from Roxanne Boutiques, and corporate partner Hotel Flora Grand, JCI Vasco will provide additional training in packaging, customer service, basic bookkeeping and registering a business.


These trainings are important for the women because they provide options for better livelihoods. When women learn a new skill it helps them earn an income, which then develops their confidence and builds their esteem in the eyes of their families and society. more and more NGOS and Business Houses must cooperate with Us in this endeavour and help us to make this program available for the women on a bigger and larger scale.


The ambitious project of JCI Vasco "ASTITVA-Make your own identity" was launched at the hands of NATIONAL PRESIDENT OF JCI INDIA JCI PPP RAMKUMAR MENON and Zone President of Zone XI Jc.HGF Poonam Shirsat on 20th May 2017 at Hotel Flora Grand. This was attended by the Zone members and women from Self Help Groups. A promotional video "ASTITVA- MAKE YOUR OWN IDENTITY"

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