Run for Peace


Teresa Poon


mayo 26, 2017


Ethnic minorities in Hong Kong

Personas impactadas



- To raise public awareness of ethnic minorities in the society - To increase the understanding towards cultural diversity through collaboration - To minimize the gap due to stereotyping and unfamiliarity between the Ethnic Minority community and Hong Kong society - To promote a mutual respect among the public to create a more harmonious society

Visión general

Hong Kong is a diversification city, we have different Race, nationality and culture. Unfortunately, ethnic minorities still need to face difference kind of unfair or discrimination. Junior Chamber International Hong Kong has organized “2017 JCI Hong Kong Run for Peace” Charity Run on 29 April 2017 to raise public awareness of ethnic minorities in the society. All income after deduction of the event’s expenditure will donate to our beneficiary organization Christian Action.


Can involve more ethnic minorities to participant in this event, not only being runners and doing performance, they can also be helpers


Over 10 media cover this event which can raise public awareness of ethnic minorities in the society

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