Grace Lee Pei Lin


junio 4, 2017


Kampong Kids, Parents & JCI Members

Personas impactadas



 To provide a better education for the Kampong kids  Allow the kids to develop their growth & learning skills.  Making fun memories amongst JCI Members, Kids and Parents.  To foster a positive learning attitude in the children building ambition for a successful future.  Applying our Presidential framework STAR (Systematic, Teamwork, Aggressive & Responsible) within the entire committee.

Visión general

Overall, the 2 days event was successful. The children from the kampong had a great time drawing and colouring. We’ve provided the children with various colouring and art activities, resulting in the quality education of arts. Initially, some children believed that the activities were boring, however their perception changed while completing the activities. The children were grateful, and they wanted JCI Damai to conduct similar learning activities in future. The children had also written down their wishes and goals in a card, giving them something to strive for. The pictures show that everyone is born to live a colourful life.


Throughout this activity, we found out that we need to prepare for PA system and stand fans due to our hot climate.


While executing this project, the JCI Creed “Service to humanity is the best work of life,” comes to mind. This was the first project that JCI Damai had done for the kampong. The children and parent were happy. Our members had a fun time and it fostered great team building that motivated JCI participants to work together as one. This event brought all our members together and reinforced the JCI values of society and community. It also inspired young people across the globe to become active citizens.

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