Hayvanların Yaşamının Sesi Ol ! Be The Voice of Animals Life! Ayhan Sicimoğlu Concert Attendence


Hasibe Bağ


junio 8, 2017


Homeless Animals

Personas impactadas



Our purpose is creating an awareness about homeless animals terrible life conditions and collecting animal food donation and organize shelter visit events. Ayhan Sicimoğlu is one the most famous TV programmer, traveller, musician in Turkey and most of part in the world. He is one of our supporters and allow us to inform people about our project at stage.

Visión general

1.Raise Awareness of Homeless Animals Bad Life Standarts 2.Collecting Animal Food Donation 3.Organize Homeless Animal Shelter Visits

Apoye nuestro impacto! Las donaciones nos ayudan a sostener numerosos proyectos nacionales e internacionales que contribuyen a entrenar, desarrollar y sostener cambio positivo alrededor del mundo