Yaşam Üçgeni;İşim,Girişimim,Gelişimim - Life Triangle;Business, Enterprise, Personal Growth / Are You in to yourself?


Hasibe Bağ


junio 8, 2017


18-40 years aged young people

Personas impactadas



Our project general name is; Life Triangle;Business, Enterprise, Personal Growth. ''Are you in to yourself with Mehmet Y. Özel'' is the personal growth part of entire project. Mehmet Y. Özel is the leader of a project who is supporter of JCI Bahçeşehir projects and life coach in his professional life. He believes in, if a young person know the weakest point of his personality, he can improve and become the best. In this event, we had a journey to our personalities by questions asked by Mr. Özel and got direction from him. It lighted our way to success in private and business life.

Visión general

-Are you in journey to yourself? -Will you reach to yourself? -Are you in to see weak point of your personality t be more successfull and powerfull by improving your weak point?

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