Funda Síller


junio 11, 2017


Members and candidate members who want to improve the social and business environment

Personas impactadas



JCI Istanbul, Social & Business Networking has been participating in the promotion of JCI Istanbul which is the priority aim of active social and business networking activities which has been held at least 2 times for many years, and to improve the social and business environment of the participants.

Visión general

JCI Istanbul we have been doing social & business activities regularly since 2009. And every year we have a puzzle to be on the table that will be at least 2 times on the ground. With every year's content, speeches, sponsors changing, we always find a way to attract the attention of the people we care about and attract them for their participation. However, a networking expert who is an expert on the subject, firstly explains how effective networking is done, is divided into the following groups and is systematically organized as a fast networking activity and it is ensured that all participants have a general knowledge about each other and business

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