My Rights, My Voice


Fanta Amadou Djibo


febrero 8, 2016


Rural Areas Young People

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Paz, Prosperidad y Sosteniblidad


1. Promoting young people's right to education and sexual and reproductive health; 2. Improve the active participation of young people especially girls in the process of decision making at local, national and regional level; 3. Strengthen the capacity of young people in terms of advocacy, leadership and active citizenship; 4. Ensuring the durability of achievements.

Visión general

In Niger, the My Rights, My Voice (MRMV) Project intervenes in the Tillabery region, specifically in the departments of Say, Téra and Torodi. This project is implemented in collaboration with three other Oxfam partners, meanely: JCI Niger, ASO EPT and DIMOL, all charged to coach, train and support young people in their actions in defense of their rights and access to services related to education and sexual and reproductive health. Working toward an ideal where young people, both in school and out, girls and boys, aged between 12 and 35, become active agents of change so that their voices are heard and recognized in Nigerien society as legitimate.The fundamental objective of the My Rights, My Voice project is to promote the rights to education and sexual and reproductive health of young people. So it is to get young people to conduct advocacy work themselves and for themselves under the guidance of these partners that capitalize the promising experiences.


1. Comparatively analyze the set of specifications and the budget before signing partnership agreement with the technical and financial partners (narrowness of the budget for most activities); 2. Expand recruitment opportunities outside of JCI and ensure the recruitment of qualified human ressources; 3. Insert sanctions in the employment contract for any conduct prejudicial to the organization's image and performance of the project; 4. Provide JCI with a field Vehicle; 5. Ensure the sustainability of the achievements; 6. Establish an advocacy committee (foundation) for funding research;


• A Manual of Administrative, financial and Accounting procedures of Projects/ Programs
• A well-equipped local (JCI)
• youth membership to JCI
• Awareness / training of over 700 young people in fiels such as: Leadership, communication and advocacy, sustainable development, etc;
• Cooperation between the Ministry of Population, and JCI; • Collaboration between JCI and Youth Centres of Niamey;
• High visibility (JCI); • Good relationships between JCI and other implementation actors (OXFAM, ASO, DIMOL);
• The full implementation of the allocated set of specifications; •National network of young people.

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