Hug Drugless Life (Maddesiz Yaşama Sarıl)


Namik Ozer Senol


junio 11, 2017


Middle Childhood and Early Adolescence Students and Their Parents

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Preventing of Drug Usage, Abuse and terrifying social and economical effects in Middle Childhood and Early Adolescence students and their families.

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Social Media Campaigns will be placed to create or increase awareness. JCI Bogazici has been started “Hug Drugless Life” in September 2017. The main aim of the project is to prevent drug use from primary school to High schools. Firstly, N. Ozer Senol has been selected as Director of the Project. N. Ozer has been in contact with experts for prevention of drugs. We are provided an advisor Mr. Isa Altun from Narcotic Police Department. We have created communication lines to schools to organize Informative Meetings directly to students in order to increase awareness of drug use for Middle Childhood and Adolescence students.

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