Leadership Academy (8095)


Romary Foche


junio 17, 2017


All young people and entrepreneurs from different communities

Personas impactadas



The main objectives are to strengthen the capacities of invested and potential leaders by: • The importance of citizenship, the young commitment within the community through the realization of previously created projects of general interest. • Leadership and Management • Trading techniques • The place of individual social responsibility • Leadership and conflict resolution • Project management and management • Search for funding to carry out their projects. • Personal development.

Visión general

At the end of this project, participants will be given the knowledge and tools they need to create their own projects and be able to drive them through to completion, to develop their social responsibilities and to develop their communities to create Positive changes


The venue of the event must be stopped well in advance and indicated in the marketing document, as it is a decisive factor in the decision of an organization to take part or not in the event, the same for certain participants. Communicate long before the event and intensify communication as the event approaches Find more sponsors for the event.


This event was a success in the written press, national radio and national television relayed the academy on the media level and we received congratulations from the Minister of Youth and Civic Education for the impact that we have On these young people.

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