Renovation at Shelter LA Colombe


Viloshna Sonoo


junio 14, 2017


Residents of Shelter La Colombe

Personas impactadas



The main objective was to provide a healthy environment for the children of Shelter La Colombe grow and develop.

  1. Setting up of a babies' room at the Shelter
  2. Painting of the girls' room
  3. Setting up of a Study room and painting of the TV room.

Visión general

La Colombe is a shelter Located at Pointe Aux Sables, in the North West of Mauritius. The shelter welcomes children from broken families ex parents are in prison or drug addicts and children who are abused. The shelter currently has around 60 residents ranging from toddlers to teenagers and 6 rooms which makes it overcrowded. 8 residents have to share a room of 14 metre square.

The project was broken down in four phases :

  1. Setting up of the babies rooms.
  2. Distribution of School Materials to the children during christmas celebrations.
  3. Renovation of the girls' room.
  4. Distribution of anti lice shampoo.


Conduct regular visits and organise regular health check-ups at the Shelter to ensure the residents are getting proper care.

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