Protirodh (Learning Safety-Saving Lives)


Shahedul Azam


junio 14, 2017


The project aims to work with 20 shop owners of low income group and primary/secondary education level.

Personas impactadas



The main objective is to come up with prevention strategies (disaster management) and insurance policies to help avoid small shop owners in Dhaka to face disastrous situation due to fire, natural disasters, robbery and theft. The 20 shop owners match the following profile and description: ● Own small businesses in a marketplace that is prone to mishaps and lacks firefighting measures/facilities ● Do not have access or cannot afford insurance for their businesses ● Lack awareness on basic prevention and safety ● Do not own a sustainable business and do not have financial back up.

Visión general

1. Impact - Project ‘Protirodh’ will enable communities of small shop owners to achieve sustainable impact by educating them and empowering them 2. Motivate - This project motivates the team involved to bring positive change in the community 3. Collaborate - Stakeholders from different sectors like disaster management, health care, law, and insurance are collaborating to address the need and design solutions.


Further, a medical training (CPR), a legal camp for making sure a legal framework of the shops and an insurance policy at a highly subsidized rate shall be provided for the small shop owners so that they can prepare themselves completely for any such disasters.


It appears from the survey that 80% of the participants have understood the safety measures to take regarding earthquake and outbreak of fire. They are well prepared now to prevent such disasters than before. With the implementation of the recommendation during the year, the small shop owners shall be entirely prepared to save their small business from disasters.

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