Cancer Awareness Campaign Project


Iyamu Osaro Culture


junio 14, 2017



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To Sensitive Citizens on causes and prevention of Cancer.

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World Cancer Day is been commemorated by Citizens across the globe on the 4th of February yearly in order to raise the consciousness of Citizens on the effect of Cancer which has claimed countless numbers of life. Researches conducted reveals that Citizens pay little or no attention to the deadly scourge due to lack of awareness/information. Thus, haven realise the need to bridge the information gap, JCI BENIN METROPOLITAN resolved to commemorate this year World Cancer Day as a tool to increase awareness in a bid to mobilize Citizens to prevent Cancer.


We recommend that Governments at all levels, NGOs, Civil Society Organisation, Community Leaders and Media should step up more effort in raising more awareness on the causes and prevention of cancer.


The Project has attracted relevant Organizations and persons towards tackling the deadly trend

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