JCI Tobago - OPEN DAY 2017 (8145)


Brettney Romeo


junio 22, 2017


Young adults, prospective members, new members, local entrepeurneurs, past members, local public, fellow NGO's

Población objetivo


Edad objetivo promedio


Personas impactadas



New and prospective members of JCI Tobago have limited knowledge and experience about the local chapter.


This project hopes to raise awareness of JCI Tobago organisation in the local community.

Visión general

JCI Tobago Open Day 2017 is a new member project comprised of newly inducted and prospective members of JCI Tobago with the support and guidance of the local president and the vice-president assigned to internal affairs and membership. During this project, new members were completely responsible for planning and executing an open day which took place at a local mall to build public awareness about the organisation while sharing their own experiences thus far.


1) Identify and partner with local entrepreneurs to sponsor prizes and in kind donations as incentives for visitors. 2) Monitor the membership and host a subsequent open day to sensitise future prospective members and newly inducted members. 3) Share highlights of the event on social media platforms and website. 4) Continue to motivate and mentor the new members and prospective members on their JCI journey. 5) Implement the JCI Alumni Program


1) The project committee was publicly commended for their hard work by the JCI West Indies National President Kwesi Des Vignes. 2) A local TV station recorded the event and showed it on the local news thus leading to greater public awareness of JCI Tobago 3) The 2017 tagline" IamJCI,YouareJCI,WeareJCI" was the official theme of the event.

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