Personal Development Seminar


Ernest Ngang


junio 26, 2017


The public of Buea

Personas impactadas



To increase Membership through the teaching of the skills in managing businesses during crises period to youths and business people who are in the Buea Municipality.

Visión general

Through this training, the youths will see how important it is and how pertinent it is to joined JCI Buea Summit with the network of trainers which will give them the skills needed to succeed. Since the community is going through series of ghost towns which has made somany businesses to go out of businesses making youths to become stranded and frustrated. It was to bring them back into business and motivate them to joined JCI for a better future.


More face to face advert need to be done in order to increased participants. The amount per participant need to be dropped down in order for more persons to attend. More partnership deals need to be carryout in for a bigger impact to be realized.


80% of the target number of participants was met. Training was of high standard and high quality meeting the participants needs. The feedback from the participants was satisfactory as they were asking for another Seminar to be arranged again.

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