World Environment Day 2017


Ernest Ngang


junio 27, 2017


Buea Municipality

Personas impactadas



To connect People to the Environment

Visión general

Most people are more focust on their work and daily activities always and forget to enjoy their environment in order to enjoy the scenery and the beautiful species of animals and plants that God has created for us. We used this day to educate them more on the need to connect with the environment. Activities involved tree planting, Discussing on the latest Parks created by the Government, Talk on the ways of waste disposal and the technologies like biogas and the wonder Pot. All these were series of things which are out there for the Public to consumed and enjoyed, but they are not aware of any. Poems and Songs about the environment were created and winners were awarded. Drama on the Wordl environment Day was also created.


More and better bonds between partners should be created for a bigger impact. Most partners need to take active part during the whole week instead of coming only during the 5th to award prizes and show case their NGO's, More partnership for funds to sponsor the event for a greater impact.

Apoye nuestro impacto! Las donaciones nos ayudan a sostener numerosos proyectos nacionales e internacionales que contribuyen a entrenar, desarrollar y sostener cambio positivo alrededor del mundo