Together We Care - Visitation to Sri Pritchard Senior Citizen Home


Jack Vun Zac Lee


junio 29, 2017


Sri Pritchard Senior Citizens and Workers

Personas impactadas



Spreading young citizens’ loves to those deemed less fortunate.

Visión general

The visit is born out of the “Together We Care” community project, a brainchild of JCI Tanjung Aru. Since its inception in 2014, the project driven by JCI Tanjung Aru’s Community has paid visits to various charity homes across Kota Kinabalu. The visit was carried out 24th February 2017 consisting of 24 JCI Tg Aru members.


We should consider carry out visit outside festive seasons.


Aside from spreading love to the senior citizens to bring cheers to them during the festive season and donated multiple goods to the center, we hope to instill and sustain greater individual social responsibility among the younger generation.

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