PESTA ANGPAO 2017 (8158)




junio 29, 2017


LOCAL COMMUNITY AROUND PUTATAN AREA, JCI Member, JCI friends, Public and the community

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To attract public from Putatan area which consists of various races, religions, ethnicity, background and age to continuously educate and expose different generation of people to the culture of Chinese New Yew Year to promote understanding and peace.

Visión general

Pesta Angpao 2017 is a project held annually to bring people around Putatan area to come together to celebrate Chinese New Year Festival without any limit towards race, religions and background. This event is supported by Parliament Representative 173 Putatan, JCI Senator Datuk Dr Marcus Mojigoh.During this event, we have prepared and arranged various performances to entertain the public. Among the shows are Lion Dance, belly dance, singing and magic show performance. On top of that, we also practice the Chinese tradition that is giving out Angpao to all the public who attend the event.




The major accomplishment for this project is the event run smoothly and bringing great happiness to all the public who attending the event. Not only they leave with smile but also they get to enjoy many performances and get to interact with each other indirectly promote better understanding towards each other, reducing the gap among the people.

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