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Lana Kanaan


agosto 7, 2011


JCI Members, Students and NGOs

Personas impactadas



Discover and develop the skills of youth professional and learn it to kids of NGO

Visión general

The project includes a workshop to teach attendees how to make a set of manual artworks using technology, the workshop continues over five days of nine o'clock am to two o'clock noon under the supervision of professors and students of the Technical Institute of Applied Arts, as an initiative to integrate the Institute of Applied Arts students with Aamal organization’s children and supporting them to become active citizens in their communities. The project ended by gallery of the students and kids artworks


- To keep communication with kids with disabilities periodically to make their personality be better - To encourage insitute students to make galleries with their work art to rais their confidence of their creativity - To create the chance to kids with disabilities to make galleries of their products to rais their believes


- The institute students was so much motivated to participate in this project - The students learnt how to communicate with kids with disabilities - NGO students lived very joyful experience - NGO students learnt how to make handicraft - JCI members learnt how to communicate with kids with disabilities - JCI members learnt how to make handicraft - The Ministry of Culture and JCI Damascus are planning to repeat this events to NGO students

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