Corporate Visit to JCIM CYEA 2016 Winner Tan Yong Jen, Founder of Idealite


Joyien Chiew


junio 30, 2017


JCI Members from JCI Batu Pahat Entrepreneur, JCI United Penang, JCI Nibong Tebal, JCI Butterworth City, Young Entrepreneurs, Public Participants, Idealite's Staffs

Edad objetivo promedio


Objetivo de Desarrollo Sostenible

Empleo Digno y Crecimiento Económico

Estado de desarrollo

Educación y Autonomía Económica


To empower young active citizen to become successful entrepreneur and increase the awareness on social responsibilities through enterprise.

Visión general

The teenagers today having a lot of dream especially to be an entrepreneur, yet they scared to action. With that, we visited Tan Yong Jen the founder of Idealite who start the journey in a young age and success after a lots of tough journey. He is also the winner of CYEA 2016.


The section divided into two parts which are CEO sharing and CEO forum. Mr Tan Yong Jen, the winner of JCIM Creative Young Entrepreneur Awards 2016, had share with us his journey in entrepreneurship. He share that, in order to earn profit (P), we need another three P's which are Purpose, Persistent and Passions. We need to know why we do it, love what we do and persists on it.

As a review, most of the participants were inspired through this event. Almost all of the participants feedback positively and change positively after the event. Hence, it is recommended to organise more corporate visit that involve CEO sharing and CEO forum that allowed more young people to have positive change and create impact in future.


We would like to complement the COC team that had successfully organised the events through the cooperation and coordination from JCI Batu Pahat Entrepreneur, JCI United Penang, JCI Butterworth City and JCI Nibong Tebal which we have better bonding during the cooperation and we learn together.

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