Ediker pu Eradiker: Dibout pu to Drwa


Tasweena Girdhari


From abril 2 to diciembre 31, 2017


Women, Young Adults, People living in poverty

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Educación de Calidad

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Educación y Autonomía Económica


To continue with the good work of the previous teams who worked on Aret Violence and this year's focus is on empowerment of victims and sustainability.

Visión general

Through education we can make a positive impact by showing the victims that there is a choice and that they can get out of this situation through their own empowerment. Hence, why we aptly chose the name: Ediker pu Eradiker: Dibout pu to drwa. The topics of discussion will focus primarily on domestic violence as well as other problems that surround it. The idea is to have an interactive session for the victims to voice out their issues/concerns/queries.

On the issue of sustainability, we have teamed up with a newly-created NGO Mafubo Mauritius, whose main objective is the empowerment of women, and who will give us a helping hand as far the project is concerned. In line with the ACF principle, the idea is to help Mafubo as a new organisation and also, ultimately to allow them to take over the project should it be a success.


1. Aware of their rights as victims
2. More and more people are contacting us to seek for legal guidance
3. The Ministry of Gender Equality has applied our concept for their community project on “Aret Violans”
4. Educating & Sensitizing about domestic violence
5. Addressed the legal aspects more effectively
6. Through a pamphlet, sharing with the community some key entity and crucial telephone numbers


In order to go to the local communities, there need of resources be it human or materials. Since, we're projecting to have this project in the long-term, the team will have to look for sponsors so that it can facilitate our sessions in the different regions of Mauritius.

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