723.1783 Peace Is Possible Hiking


Joyien Chiew


julio 23, 2017


All ages

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Buena Salud

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Salud y Bienestar


To provide an opportunity for the young peoples and teenagers to explore another way of maintain health through hiking and bonding each other through the process.

Visión general

The peoples recently spent the time on the mobile gaming and only bond it through virtually. Hence, we wish to provide another excited and fun activities that similar to the mobile gaming which are hiking in the jungle trekking way. This will be more healthy and create better life style and bonding and allowed the young peoples to explore another way of leisure life.


Through the end, there are around 50 pax participate which included JCI BPE members, JCI Muar Members, JCI Malaysia National Vice President Wui Woon, UTHM University members and public youngster to join the programme.

Most of the participants are first time to having this king of hiking experience and most of them show interested to have more hiking session like this events in the future They responds to invite more friends to join.


The events are very successful and recommended to host more similar events in order to make into a habit of exercising. More than that, we recommended to host this kind of events in different area which can collaborate with other LO that can impact their young people as well.

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