Light of knowledge


Mehedi Hossain


From mayo 1 to septiembre 30, 2017


60 underprivileged children in the first year. So for 5 years it will increase consistently.

Población objetivo


Edad objetivo promedio


Personas impactadas


Objetivo de Desarrollo Sostenible

Reducción de la Desigualidad

Estado de desarrollo

Educación y Autonomía Económica


Impact, Connect and Collaborate
5 years ( Each Year 3 phases)
2017 series of interventions: (3 phases)
1. May- Library Establishment
2. July- Book reading campaigns
3. August- Story telling session, Cultural Show

Visión general

Bangladesh has made remarkable progress on many human development indicators over the past two decades. Great strides have been made on health, education, nutrition, and employment generation, and the creation of social safety nets for the poor through social security programmes has helped reduce regional disparities in the impact of other development programmes. Around 26.5 million of the 63 million children in Bangladesh live below the national poverty line, regardless of the measurement method used (46 per cent according to both the DCI and CBN), and more than half of all households (51 per cent) with children are poor in terms of international poverty line below the $1 Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) threshold. Poverty increases as the number of children in a household increases, irrespective of the measurement method employed. Poverty levels fall as the educational attainment of parents rises: 53 per cent of households where the head has no education live below the upper poverty line, compared to only 19 per cent of those where the head has post-secondary education. Children from about 74 per cent of households where the heads have no education suffer from at least one deprivation; while the same is true for about 29 per cent of households where the heads have post-secondary education. Thus this project is designed to create positive impact on the life of the underprivileged children and make sure that they are not marginalized in the process.

Actions Taken

Light of knowledge is a very successful platform in terms of ensuring education for the underprivileged children. Before designing the project events, we have done some physical surveys through visiting different places where underprivileged children do study to understand their need. We have identified an underprivileged children of school named Leedo and we have visited that school several time for need analysis. We have found that they have 60 students who have no parents and few are specially-abled. They don’t have enough source of learning. They only have few academic books and nothing else as their source of getting knowledge. We felt the necessity of having a library there so that it can give them proper knowledge. A library can help students to think creatively, to know the world better. A well diverse library can ensure new innovations. So we launched our very 1st intervention named “One School, One Library – Lets Create An Enlightened Nation”. Through this event we have run campaigns in different universities to collect books with the help of our partner organization. After 3 weeks we got more than 300+ books and a handsome budget to make a wooden library for the students of Leedo. Next we went to Leedo on 20th May 2017 and made one wooden and very creative library for the children. We have donated the books we have collected as well. Now those students will get to read books regularly. The next event to be organized is a Book Reading Campaign where the children will participant in our week long program. We will conduct a workshop on the importance of reading books and then after every 7 days our volunteers will visit that school and the children will have a special class on story telling regarding that book they took a week back. Later there will be a ‘Story Telling Competition’ through which we will measure the cognitive competency of those children and compare with their early condition which will help us to measure the success of the project.


60+ Students who are underprivileged have their own library now. They can read books from diverse background and enlighten themselves. Our upcoming Book reading Campaigns & Story Telling Competitions will increase their book reading capacity. Book reading will be their habit. And finally our story telling sessions will ensure that they can present their ideas what they have achieved through reading books. Their ideas will be sharpen each time they read another book.
Students of Leedo will get reading materials on regular basis. They already have got more than 300 books for this year to read. Next year we will ensure more books. Their idea sharing capacity will tell us how they are preparing themselves. Before this event they never try to present an idea or story in front of everyone but now they will be able to stand of everybody and share the idea they have achieved through reading. We will measure their personal development on this as this is our only core achievement.
Distributed 300+ books for 60 underprivileged students of Leedo. Awareness about the necessity of reading books and presenting ideas will be created in over 60 students of that school. They will be able to stand and present their innovative ideas from their learning. This library will be the source of their entertainment so that they will be involved productive self-development.


Global support is extremely necessary as this project requires a lot of fund.

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