Sweeping Joggers


Nicholas Bong


From junio 17 to julio 29, 2017


Reach out to Kuching local community

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Objetivo de Desarrollo Sostenible

Buena Salud

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Salud y Bienestar


1. To have good health and well-being.
2. To clean up rubbish and waste materials.
3. To smile at a stranger as a small exercise in compassion.

Visión general

Every Saturday, our members would invite public to join us in Sweeping Joggers. We would gather at a park early in the morning and jog for around an hour. After jogging, everyone would put on their gloves and collect any rubbish at sight while walking at the park. While doing so, we would smile and greet any public people who walk pass by us. Smiling is an extremely uncomplicated gesture that can mean so much. A smile can change someone's day, give them hope about humanity and it might just be what they need.


1. Healthy lifestyle, constantly exercise
2. Cleaner parks, promote awareness to pick up litter when we see rubbish
3. Promote smile, greet people, and initiate to break barrier between people


Would recommend to use tong as a litter pick up tools instead of gloves so next time it could be wash easier and reuse again.

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