The 21st Innovative Entrepreneur Awards


Leo Hung


From agosto 16, 2016 to agosto 21, 2017


JCI Members, Participating Entrepreneurs, Supporting Individuals and Organisations, Sponsors, Society in General and Future Generations

Objetivo de Desarrollo Sostenible

Empleo Digno y Crecimiento Económico

Estado de desarrollo

Educación y Autonomía Económica

Visión general

Building upon the strong reputation of the event, this year’s Innovative Entrepreneur Awards Programme (“IE Award”) has again proved to be a successful business development event.

The milestone events are as follows:
Event Details:

(March 3)
Opening Ceremony
Held at UA Moko Cinema, with five Star Ambassadors being the featured guest. Over 120 people participated in the Opening Ceremony (Cinema Full House)

(April 12)
IE Award Orientation Day
Business Sharing by our Spokesman Mr. Donald Cheng and IE Introduction

(March 3 to May 20)
Application Stage
Inviting application through various channels, actions included:
Multimedia ads (Roadshow feature Program on KMB, Facebook Ads, online video ad, Supporting Organization Website Ads, Official website ad, RTHK Radio interview, JCIHK App Ad)
EDM Promotion via Supporting Organizations’ database, Hosting local exhibitions (HKTDC Entrepreneur Day)
Attending business networking events such as HKSTP
Word-of-mouth and direct promotion

(Jun 1)
Preliminary Auditing Day - Received more than 40 applications to go through the Auditing Day
Auditing participants’ financial statements by Pricewaterhouse Coopers Partner
Preliminary Judging - Judges selected 20 finalists for the Judging Day

(June 17)
Judging Day
Participants presented and were interviewed by Judges, who then selected the Awardees from the 20 finalists at PWC head office

(July 22)
Award Ceremony
Awardees presented their novel ideas and received the award from Executive Council and Legislative Council (Commercial (Second)) member Hon Liao Cheung-kong, SBS, JP at Kerry Hotel Hong Kong
Multimedia ads of Awardees (100 MTR LightBox Ads, 2 week Billboard TV ads, HKEJ Newspaper Full page ads, Award Ceremony Booklet, Facebook Ads)

(Aug 15)
Overall Evaluation
Project team conducted post evaluation with emphasis on the effectiveness and sustainability of this IE Award project


This year’s IE Award has also made the following record-breaking achievements:
1) 10 innovative entrepreneurs were selected. This year we have a breakthrough in the diversity of exemplary businesses from Listed Enterprises to Social Enterprise; from sustainable agriculture business to emerging technology
2) Over 40 applications were received. Reformed and expanded the Judges’ Panel by 20%. Forged strategic partnership with
Pricewaterhouse Coopers and brought in its Partner, as well as Synergy Biz Group to bring in new perspectives, raise the judging standard and enhance its market relevance and credibility.
3) Dr. Allan Zeman is our Honourable Advisor for this IE Award .
4) Mr Donald Tse , Chairman of Hung Fook Tong , a highly regarded entrepreneur Himself and four stars King Chiu , Ava Liu , Kitterick Yiu and Bear Head are our Star Ambassador, which is a remarkable recognition of the objectives of the IE Award.
5) Executive Council and Legislative Council (Commercial (Second)) member Hon Liao Cheung-Kong, SBS, JP accepted our invitation to be the Guest of Honour for the first time. He was joined by Mr Donald Tse in the Award Ceremony.
6) HK$710,000 sponsorship received, 44% increase from last year, which is also the greatest amount of sponsorship within the Chapter.
7) 43 supporting bodies (including Supporting Organizations and sponsors) were involved.
8) Highly positive feedback is received from participants, awardees, supporting organizations and guests, who also recognized the excellent teamwork and organization skills of JCI.

Actions Taken :
Analyzing social needs
The project was implemented after careful research and planning on
(1) social demand and phenomenon, and
(2) governmental policies. Partnership formation Partnerships, many of which are long term, are formed with 43 Supporting Organizations, Governmental Departments, 8 professional Judges, and Executive Council and Legislative Council (Commercial (Second)) member Hon Liao Cheung-Kong, SBS, JP , Dr. Allan Zeman and Mr Donald Tse (the Star Ambassador).

Significant amount of sponsorship (HK$710,000) was raised:
HK$250,000 from Photogift (sponsoring 90% of Mini movie costs)
HK$150,000 from (monetary sponsor)
HK$250,000 from Asiaray Advertising Media
HK$20,000 from Kerry Hotel Hong Kong(venue sponsor)
HK$5,000 from JCIHK Foundation
HK$5,000 from Synergy Biz Group (venue sponsor)
HK$5,000 from UA Cinema(venue sponsor)

Project team formation
OC teams were formed to implement strategic plans. Project chairman and OC members were selected by the board of directors carefully according
to following criteria:
1) Leadership competency
2) Passion
3) Previous project experience
4) Evaluation
We evaluated the process and goals achievement. Recommendation will be made for future consideration.


After post-evaluation meeting, we concluded the following recommendations for enhancing the IE Award in future:
1) Matching awardees to the society
2) Organizing business trip for Awardees and OCs
3) The reputation of this years IE Award proves that it is possible to get the investment sector involved (for e.g., investment matching)

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