The Power of Emotional Detox


Jing Tuang Kueh


abril 29, 2017


JCI Kuching Members and Friends, Kuching Community at Large

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The purpose of this awareness program is to address the emotional stress faced by our community on a daily basis and provide the recommendation on how to acknowledge our emotions.

Visión general

The awareness talk illustrates how our emotions can be detrimental to our health if not properly addressed, even after many years. It first explain how negative mental conditioning emits a frequency that is affects both our health physically and mentally. The speaker provides simple exercises that helps the participants acknowledge the emotional state they are in an also embracing it by pouring our the energy once and for all hence, moving on for good. Everybody is subjected to stress of different magnitude regardless gender and age.


1) JCI Kuching members attended the talk.
2) Public from Kuching attended the talk.
3) Collaborated with Life Garden and plan for future collaborations.
4) Increased partners exposure to increase publicity.



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